We felt a distinct flutter of excitement when we first saw the 2011 Gas Gas EC 450. This is the kind of bike that tempts its owner to find the most indirect route between two of your favorite remote locations... and the tougher the terrain, the better.

It looks like we're not the only ones looking to get out of Dodge as the offerings in the dual sport and adventure motorcycling segment become more diverse each year. Couple that with the growing popularity of rally-style racing the world over and we are bound to see more to come. But for the small Spanish company Gas Gas it looks more like a mission, as evidenced by the EC 450 seen above. This is really the first production fighting-weight 450cc rally bike to come off the shelf.

The six-speed transmission as well as the battery-less fuel injection system seem to add to the no-nonsense appeal of the EC 450. As the images floating around seem to have become closer than ever to the dealership floor, we decided to see what it would take to get our hands on one.

After a search of clues and rumors worthy of the next National Treasure flick, a representative from Gas Gas USA has confirmed that the chances of getting our hands on one Stateside may be no greater than that passing flutter of excitement. Sadly, it appears that economic pressures in both the U.S. and European markets have led the company to keep this Spanish recipe for adventure off of our plates for now. Hopefully, this is not the last we see of the Gas Gas EC 450 Desert.

[Source: Bike EXIF]

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