Rolls-Royce Phantom Yas Eagle edition – Click above for high-res image gallery

If there's anywhere in the world where they know how to gild a lily, it's the Persian Gulf. The oil-rich emirates there seem to have an endless appetite for items of, shall we say... questionable taste. And Rolls-Royce seems to have no qualms about milking the region's appetite for all it's worth.

Along with the gold-dipped Drophead Coupe and the series of special editions exclusively for the Gulf, Rolls-Royce has crafted another special Phantom for the land where oil flows like water. Called the Yas Eagle, this special was actually released a few months ago to coincide with the inaugural Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, but details have only made their way onto the Intertubes now.

The package can be ordered on any of the three bodystyles in the Phantom range: sedan, coupe and DHC convertible. It consists of a two-tone white and cobalt blue paint scheme (think the original Viper GTS coupe, sans attitude), an interior done up in blue and red leather (with matching top for the Drophead Coupe), special blue-stained ash veneers, white instrument dials, blue carpets, a checkerboard stripe running down the waistline and across the fascia, an illuminated hood ornament and oh, so much more. Have a look for yourself in the gallery below.

[Source: Automotive Design Corner]

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