We're guessing that anyone reading this is enamored with the greening of transportation. The question we're asking this week is: do you have the chops to write about them? If so, let us know, because we're looking for someone to join the AutoblogGreen team as a writer. Professional writing experience isn't necessary to be selected for the position (though it doesn't hurt), and we're most interested in writers who can create engaging posts about green cars with wit and authority. Want to apply? Here's how. (Note: if you don't follow the rules, you do hurt your chances, so pay attention.)


  • Submit three original sample posts written in the AutoblogGreen style.
    • "The AutoblogGreen style" is what you read on these pages everyday, but since we're not interested in you just copying our style, we want to see how your own writing style and voice can shine through.
    • You can choose the topics of the sample posts to be whatever you want, but they should be posts that could have been written by one of our writers. Also, please don't make up news, because a reality-based post helps us see how you would write up an actual news item.
    • Note: We won't be using the sample posts on the site, we just want to discover how well you can blog.
  • Include a list of your five favorite green vehicles – concept, production or DIY – and why they rule.
  • Include a short paragraph about how you think AutoblogGreen differs from other green car media outlets.
About You
  • Include a short paragraph about yourself and any experience in the green car or general auto industry. (Please note, due to legalities we can't hire minors.) Also, include your contact info and a resume (if you have one).
  • Tell us about how much time you can reasonably write in a week. We're looking for people who can write around two posts a weekday to start, and we expect these two posts will probably take new writers anywhere from one to two hours, depending on your skills. If you can't commit to this, please don't submit an application. Be realistic.
  • Feel free to ask any questions you may have about the position in your application.
What not to do
  • Please don't send us something you wrote for someone else. We're not looking for clips.
Note that we will only review fully complete applications. We apologize in advance, but we may not be able to respond to everyone who applies. If we're interested, we'll let you know. And yes, we do pay our writers. The deadline for applications is one week from today, Monday the 22nd.

To apply, send an email with the information described above to writersATautobloggreenDOTcom with the phrase "AutoblogGreen Writer Application" (no quotes) in the subject. Thank you!

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