Mystery Chevrolet Camaro-based prototype – click above for high-res gallery

Autoblog tipster Mark has sent in these images of what appears to be some sort of Chevrolet Camaro body restyling kit that turns the Bowtie musclecar a latter-day Pontiac Firebird tribute. As posted on GMInsideNews forums, there is speculation that the mule could actually be a Camaro Z28, what with its big hood bulge and all, but the styling doesn't seem right to us, nor does the prototype's camouflage pattern. We suspect it's more likely an aftermarket affair, something along the lines of the Kevin Morgan Designs 'Phoenix' project, the ASC redux, or the Lingenfelter 455 T/A concept.

The prototype was spotted in suburban Detroit area when its car cover partially blew off while parked, giving Mark the opportunity to capture his quarry. Unfortunately, the cover apparently never came all the way off, so we're left wondering what's been done to the back end. Judging by what we can see of the cover's outline, it doesn't appear to have been left alone, so our curiosity remains piqued. Thanks for the photos, Mark!

[Source: GMInsideNews]

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