I.DE.A. Institute Four-Door Hybrid – Click above for high-res image

In what's assuredly the shortest press release we've ever received, the I.DE.A. Institute has sent out a teaser of its Geneva Motor Show-bound concept, and if it's anything like last year's ERA design study, we've got plenty to look forward to.

According to the Italian design firm:
"I.DE.A. Institute returns to the Geneva Motor Show with a four-seater sedan powered by a hybrid engine. This latest concept car is Italian to the core: its shape, its look, its elegance and name are instantly recognized as being synonymous with Italian styling and beauty."
That and the image above is all we've got for now, but judging by the sweeping lines and low profile roof, we expect to see something akin to Fisker's Karma sedan. More details to follow when we hit the ground running in Switzerland the week after next.

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