Cutaway engine displays at Chicago Auto Show – Click above for high-res image gallery

Automakers have long grappled with a way to showcase exciting new technology in an interesting and informative yet still simple-to-understand way. One traditional method that's been used for years for this purpose is to hire an artist skilled enough to draw complex cutaway illustrations that show the inner-workings of cars, trucks, engines, transmissions and the like in two dimensions.

Nowadays, though, we're a busy bunch with little time to dissect technical illustrations, so it's always better to grab our attention with a real-life display can be stared at in all three dimensions. For proof, check out these cool displays that Chevrolet and GMC are currently showing off at the Chicago Auto Show. Ostensibly to explain how direct injection benefits an engine's power and fuel efficiency, we have a feeling these units were assembled just because they look so darn cool.

See for yourself in our high-res gallery of live images below. Note how the colors change to demonstrate the different cycles of a four-stroke engine.

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