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How does an American town try to appeal to Chinese companies thinking of expanding to the U.S.? How about by making a little video? Lancaster, CA's mayor, R. Rex Parris, gave his review of a recent promotional video the town is going to send to Chinese investors: "If we're going to try to attract members of the Asian business community, we need to have more Asians in there," he said. Also, some city officials are learning Mandarin for their upcoming business meetings.

These are some of the ways that Lancaster might one day get a new auto plant run by Chinese automaker BYD, which explained in January (sort of) the ways it wants to expand to the U.S. City officials say they are on BYD's short list for a U.S. plant. Parris is also interested in getting BYD, which is first and foremost a huge battery company, to build a battery plant in Lancaster to supplement the solar or wind electricity generated nearby. How far would you go to be friends with BYD? Thanks to J. for the tip!

[Source: LA Times, San Fernando Valley Business Journal]

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