Geneva Preview: Lexus CT 200h gets teased

Another Lexus hybrid is coming, and it's coming soon. Remember that solid gold Lexus LF-Ch Concept we saw last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show? We referred to it as something of a deformed puffer fish with some nice Lincoln Concept C cues. Well guess what? It's a concept no more and it's coming to the Geneva Motor Show in just a few short weeks so that us and the rest of the automotive press can ooh, ah and head scratch in unison.

Not only that, but Lexus has dropped the silly LF-Ch name and replaced it with the not-quite-as-meaningless but equally clunky moniker CT 200h. We know, we know – 200h means the car has a 2.0-liter engine plus an electric motor. How exciting! That is, unless it's like the LS 600hL, where the 600h means the 5.0-liter V8 combined with the electric motor is theoretically as powerful as a 6.0-liter V12. There we go again, attacking overused alphanumerics...

As for the CT 200h, here's your de rigueur teaser shot. We know next to nothing about the car, other than that Lexus views the gas/electric compact luxury hatchback as a "gateway model" to its other hybrid vehicles. These include the RX 450h, GS 450h, the aforementioned LS 600hL and the HS 250h that Lexus oddly left out of the CT's press release. Does that mean the CT could be replacing the HS? 99.9% no, but we're grasping at straws here, trying to sex up this post. Perhaps it's best for us just to say, "we'll know more in Geneva." Tiny little information-free press release after the jump.

[Source: Lexus]




  • World-first appearance of the Lexus CT 200h
  • First and only full hybrid model in the premium compact segment
  • New gateway model to progressive luxury and the Lexus brand

Six months after revealing the LF-Ch concept, Lexus is set to unveil its new CT 200h model at the Geneva motor show.

Created for motorists who want to lower their emissions, but not their standards, the CT 200h will be the first full hybrid vehicle in the premium compact segment. It will offer new levels of refinement, sophistication and attention to detail, without compromising style or driving pleasure.

Equipped with second-generation Lexus Hybrid Drive technology, the CT 200h reinforces Lexus's hybrid power leadership in the premium market, joining the established RX 450h, GS 450h and LS 600h models to create an unprecedented range of full hybrid vehicles.

The critically acclaimed Lexus LFA supercar will also be on show at Geneva, just ahead of the initial order period for the model coming to a close.

Andy Pfeiffenberger, Vice President Lexus Europe, will host a press conference on Stand 4211 in Hall 4 at 4.45pm on 2 March.

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