Here's some extra happy news, especially if you're into that whole turbocharged, AWD rally thing. Autocar reports that legendary English engine tuner Cosworth has gotten its mitts all over the mighty Subaru WRX STI. Described as a "one-off, special project," it sounds as if Cosworth will be tweaking the engine, suspension and body. Long story short: YES!

As for details, we don't have any. Autocar says that specifications and pricing will become available when closer to the car's on sale date in March. A Cosworth spokesperson has said that the improved upon STI, "will raise the bar for all-wheel-drive, high-performance motoring." Sounds good to us, especially as the current STI has always felt about 85 percent finished to us. For what it's worth, Cosworth has a pretty special history when it comes to tuning rally cars. Ford RS200 anyone? We'll let you know more as soon as we can.

[Source: Autocar, CAR]

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