Video: Hummers still good for some things, like towing giant snowplows

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Hummer may be the most hated automotive brand in the history of the green movement, but even Al Gore has to admit that there are times when a big, hulking SUV is necessary. The snowed-in residents of Baltimore City are likely very happy there was at least one H2 nearby when one of their massive snow plows got stuck in a couple feet of the white stuff. We're not talking a 20 year-old Super Duty with a blade here folks. Nope. We're talking one of those massive International trucks with four full-sized doors and a plow bigger than your typical midsize sedan.

Hit the jump and watch as the H2 digs deep and rescues the much larger plow truck from the indomitable snow drift. That's enough of a sign of force to make a Chinese company very proud. Or not.

[Source: WBAL TV]

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