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It seems that Ferrari head Amedeo Felisa has plenty to talk about when it comes to the future of his legendary brand, and that includes alternatives to traditional fuel sources. Speaking to Autocar in the UK, Felisa had this to say in regards to the hybridized 599 that the automaker has been testing for quite some time:
The technology is not ready. The suppliers are not ready. Everything is underdeveloped. There is a lot of work to so. It is not for tomorrow. We haven't decided when [it will be introduced]. It will be around 2015, but not before five years.
While it is going to take some time, Ferrari will indeed push forward with hybrid technology, which is said to improve the fuel efficiency of its traditionally highly thirsty V8 and V12 engines by 25 percent. That's great, but couldn't Ferrari do even better by going full electric? Not so much. Felisa explains that the Italian supercar manufacturer has no plans to introduce electric cars, saying:
If you look at global warming, the right solution is not full electric. It's more a marketing solution than a real one, sound is just as important as design and performance for Ferrari. We will not make engine sounds with speakers.
We can agree that electric cars shouldn't need fake engine sounds, but we're not so sure that EVs don't have a future in the high performance realm. Still, fuel efficiency is of real concern for Ferrari, to the point that the company would reportedly consider adding V6 engines to its lineup of pricey exotics. A new, fuel efficient Dino with a hybrid V6 setup sounds just dandy, no?

[Source: Autocar]

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