Back in October at the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda unveiled an electric vehicle concept called the EV-N. The EV-N design was inspired by the tiny N360 of the 1960s. While the EV-N may or may not provide a preview of an upcoming electric city car from Honda, a little custom car shop in Santa Rosa, CA has been working on the real thing.
Hector's Chop Shop has been working on an electric conversion of a 1969 Honda N360. The project has gone through many changes of direction since it started. Early on, the crew working on the project had planned to remove the cylinder head and crankshaft from the little front driver. The electric motor was to be mounted on top of the block with a dummy crank in the bottom of the block. The motor was to drive the dummy crank so that the stock clutch and gearbox could be used.

That plan obviously didn't work out and the DC motor is now being installed in the back of the body shell driving the rear wheels through a 1985 VW GTI gearbox. Check out the progress on the project at the shop's website.

[Source: Hector's Chop Shop via Clunkbucket]

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