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Think conservative political beliefs mean you can't support public transportation? Bill Lind, the conservative co-author of Moving Minds: Conservatives and Public Transportation, says "no way" in a new interview with Melissa Lafsky over at Infrastructurist. Lind says that, "From the conservative perspective, the federal government has two and only two legitimate functions: national security and infrastructure," and that, "This is consistent with a free market economy, because the markets only work if there is adequate infrastructure."

For Lind, the kind of public transportation that conservatives should support is quite specific: commuter trains, light rail, and streetcars. These are options that can make people more productive. Lind's bad kind of public transportation? Buses and high speed rail between cities. Lind's book include reasons why his "good" kind of public transportation should get bipartisan support and said that:
We would like to see a national consensus going across left and right. It's simply a matter of bringing back what we had. We threw it away – we subsidized national highways and taxed electric railways, and we think that was an unwise move, and we need to bring it back. Not put enormous amounts of money into a few lines that would serve geographically only a small portion of the country.

[Source: Infrastructurist | Image: Rususeruru. - C.C. License 2.0]

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