Here's an idea: plaster your wall with "useful information, titillating stories and inspiring highlights from around the country" about biodiesel. Also, use the same space to show off a map featuring all of the places in the U.S. that sell 100 percent pure biodiesel. This is easily accomplished with the new B100 Map from Biodiesel Smarter magazine and designer David Huyck. The map is 34 inches wide by 22 inches tall and costs $20.
Biodiesel Smarter bills itself as "the magazine for biodiesel enthusiasts," and is rooted in the home-brewers mentality (a good thing). With articles like "Algae: The New Snake Oil" and "Dumping Glycerine for Fun and for Profit," it's not your standard biodiesel publication. Worth a read.

[Source: Biodiesel Smarter]

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