Video: Kia shows third-quarter commercial for Sunday's Big Game

Kia Big Game commercial – Click above to watch the video after the jump

We're not exactly sure when Super Bowl commercials became as big a story as the game itself, but we can't help but like a little entertainment during the breaks. Other than an advertisement for the aging Dodge Charger, the domestic automakers are staying out of the big game, but Kia had a good 2009 and the Korean automaker wants to get in on the Big Game action with one of its new products for 2010.

Kia picked up a pricey one minute spot during the third quarter of this year's title-deciding game, and it features life-sized toys living the high life in a brand new Sorento. The animated quintet hits the snow, does some water skiing and then goes all Hangover-style in Sin City before reality sets in and mom gets behind the wheel.

Hit the jump to watch the commercial for yourself. The cutsie character routine may be getting a bit tired, but Kia pulls off an entertaining commercial with kickin' tunes, a robot doing the robot and a six-foot tall teddy bear in a hot tub with a total hottie. And plenty more.

[Source: Kia]

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