According to figures from Desrosiers Automotive Consultants, Hyundai commands about 7.5 percent of the automotive market in Canada, which compares rather well with figures of 7% for Honda and 10.1% for Toyota. If Hyundai can manage to match Toyota for Canadian market share, the Korean automaker has said it will consider restarting its plant in Bromont, Quebec, in order to meet demand.

It would seem that Hyundai has reason to be optimistic that it will hit the 10-percent market share goal in Canada. Last year, Hyundai sold 103,000 vehicles in the Great White North, and January sales of 6,084 units outperformed 2009 results by 32 percent. In contrast, sales for both Honda and Toyota were down last year.

Further, Hyundai has a number of new products on the horizon, including the all-new 2011 Sonata midsize sedan – which will also be the automaker's first-ever hybrid offering – and Elantra compact. According to, Hyundai Canada President and Chief Executive Steve Kelleher says he expects the company's auto sales to rise between 3% and 5% this year.


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