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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart takes on the Toyotathon of Death – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Where there's funny to be found, you can count on Jon Stewart to find it. The much-loved host of news parody program The Daily Show has proven a knack for exposing the humorous side of whatever's happening in the news, and lately, well...that's been Toyota and its two recalls. So it was only a matter of time until his Comedy Central crew took a good-natured jab at the world's largest automaker in its most difficult time.

In the video after the jump, you'll find Stewart and his troop noting the overwhelming irony behind Toyota's unstoppable acceleration in the marketplace, the explosive flip-side of its superior gas mileage, company president Akio Toyoda's use of an Audi wagon in Switzerland, and, of course, what this means for Detroit's Big 3 automakers. Set aside five minutes, put a handful of Fritos in your mouth and watch the "Toyotathon of Death." Bonus: David Letterman also took a swing at Toyota on the Late Show. Watch both funnymen ply their craft at Toyota's expense after the jump.

[Source: The Daily Show]

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