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When you think of a classic road-going Mustang, visions of Blue Ovals and good ol' Carroll Shelby likely begin dancing in your head. But there was a highly collectible Mustang in America way before Ford decided what we really needed was an inexpensive sportscar for the masses. Instead of four wheels, the first Mustangs needed only two to get the job done.

The original Mustang motorcycle was introduced in 1947 by a small company in Glendale, California. The diminutive machines used a small 122cc two-stroke engine from Villiers and wheels measuring a scant 12-inches in diameter. They weren't exactly performance machines, but the Mustang got around pretty smartly nonetheless and allowed 20,000 new riders to hit the wide open road.

Now, California Scooter Company plans to launch a new Mustang to the American market, this time using a more environmentally friendly 149cc four-stroke powerplant, though still retaining the original dinner plate-size wheels. Three versions will be available; one standard model that's tough to distinguish at first glance from the original, a (completely unfortunate) pink Babydoll version and a flat-black bobber called the Greaser. Alternatively, you can order a custom model just the way you want it.

Production bikes are scheduled for availability in March for a starting price of $4,995 for all three models. Check out the image gallery below and click past the break for a couple videos showing the bikes in action.

[Source: California Scooter Company via Motorcycle Classics]

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