From Bulgaria to the Autoblog Living Room: the Ultimate F1 Chair

F1 chair by Alexander Christoff – Click above for image gallery

Tell us if this sounds familiar: you're sitting in your lounge chair, maybe watching a race or playing a driving simulator on your gaming console, but in your head you're in a car. What may sound ridiculous or downright childish to some piques the interest of the race fan and car nut.

The Autoblog Fantasy Living Room already includes coffee tables made from Shelby Cobras and engine blocks, sofas from Porsches and Aston Martins, and even a handful of chairs made to emulate car buckets. But this one takes the prize.

Designed by Bulgarian interior designer Alexander Christoff, this chair is made from ergonomically molded fiberglass with chrome legs and an upholstered adjustable head rest to look like the closest approximation of an F1 car in lounge-chair form we've seen yet. No word on availability or cost, but if you remember that whole supply and demand thing, anything's possible. Also, is it just us, or can you picture this chair talking like the crab in the Honda Element ads from a few years ago? Okay, maybe it's just us... carry on.

[Source: Behance]

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