The Brammo Enertia has attempted a few things no other electric motorcycle ever has. It's turned the traditional sales model on its head by way of gaining distribution through the electronics retailer Best Buy rather than motorcycle shops. It's gone on a lengthy road trip in a quest to reach an audience with the POTUS. It (with a few modifications) placed 3rd in the Isle of Man TTXGP race last summer. Now comes word that the commuter powercycle may be going kung fu fighting.

Rumors are flying on the Interwebz that in an upcoming movie called Chinese Zodiac, the Enertia will be mixing it up with martial arts master Jackie Chan. If the product placement does occur, it won't be to fulfill any contractual obligations but rather because the actor has something of a personal vested interest in getting the machine more exposure. His company, JCAM Advanced Mobility Company, Ltd. is the official Asian distributor and will be selling the bike in its stores in both Hong Kong and Singapore. To get an idea what may happen to the Enertia should it make its film debut, check out the video of Jackie's top 10 favorite stunts after the break. To go straight to the bike parts, skip to 6:43.

[Source: BrammoFan | Source Image: Jackie Chan]

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