Toyota President and COO Jim Lentz on Today Show – Click above to watch video after the jump

Right after Toyota officially announced a remedy for its sticking accelerator pedals this morning, company President and COO Jim Lentz could be seen on television sitting across from Matt Lauer on NBC's popular Today Show. While Lauer isn't typically a hard-hitting interviewer (Is he? We don't regularly watch the show, but "Where in the World is Matt Lauer?" has us thinking he's no Edward R. Murrow), he does kick things off by asking Lentz if he can guarantee one particular Toyota customer whose car has already experienced sudden unintended acceleration that her car will be safe. From there, Lentz gives the answers you'd expect any exec under siege to give, which is to say we don't learn much that we don't already know. Lentz does say that "...we're confident that... between those two things [the floormat and pedal recalls], this will be under control."

He also claims that the first time Toyota became aware of sticking pedals in its vehicles, or at least the first time that the company could duplicate the sticking pedal problem, was October of last year. Like a good interviewer, Lauer brings up the Los Angeles Times article that contends Toyota knew about the issue long before then. Follow the jump to see how Lentz reacts.

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