Traffic jams. Who doesn't love them? You've spent tens of thousands of dollars on a new car (or not) to go five miles an hour, you're wasting gas and people are getting cranky. This, my friends, is the freedom of the open road.

If this is the kind of motoring you're a fan of, the future looks bright, because the U.S., or at least one state, apparently cannot wisely spend transportation dollars. A new report by ABC News found that a billion dollars spent on road projects over the last 18 years in Texas have done very little to improve the traffic flow there. There's a lot of federal vs. state issues playing a roll here, but the takeaway point is that Congressionally mandated "transportation enhancement funding" hasn't worked to actually enhance transportation, in part because the money was spent on things like courthouses and restoring the Battleship Texas. With things like phantom traffic jams being a problem, we need a sensible mobility policy in the U.S., one that includes cleaner cars, streetcars, high-speed rail and a lot more. If the Texas style of appropriating money is the norm in the U.S., it could be a long time before we see any sense from our dollars.

[Source: ABC News | Image: 91RS - C.C. License 2.0]

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