Either the Canadian Cancer Society really wants you to stop smoking, or, what feels more likely, it simply has a Ford Escape Hybrid it's trying to get rid of. If you're a resident of Ontario and you're 19 years old by March 1, the group's Driven to Quit contest will reward you and a buddy if you successfully quit the smoking habit for one month. That's it. Thirty days without a cigarette and you can maybe take home a new car.

A smoker is defined as anyone who's had a cigarette at least once a week last year and at least 100 times in his or her life. You have until February 28 to register at the site, and you have until midnight that night to put the tobacco sticks down. However, while you cannot use any tobacco products of any kind you can still use nicotine-replacement products like patches, gum, inhalers or lozenges. It's less a Driven To Quit Challenge than a Driven to Get My Nicotine Elsewhere for 30 Days Challenge.

If you win any of the prizes – and buddies can win, too – you'll be "asked to answer a skill-testing question" and be given a urine test. After you have proved your abstinence, you're free to start smoking again. That makes this competition easier than Lent. And last we heard, they don't give away cars for that.

[Source: Canadian Cancer Society]

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