Reva may build very small cars, but you can't accuse the company of thinking small in business. The Indian company – best know for building the G-Wiz low speed electric vehicle that Jeremy Clarkson is so fond of – plans to expand outside of India in a big way.

Astoundingly, Reva seems to think that it can operate plants and make a profit with volumes of only 5,000-10,000 units a year. Given the cost of engineering and certifying cars, not to mention tooling, making a profit at those volumes is extremely difficult. Sales aren't exactly going strong, either. After several years on the market, Reva has only managed to sell 3,000 examples of its first car.

Reva is currently negotiating a deal to build a plant near Syracuse, NY in partnership with an American company. Reva will need to do a lot of innovating on its designs and manufacturing processes in order to be profitable. If things work out, the company wants to expand to Europe, South America and Southeast Asia over the next few years.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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