Taking every precaution, Ford Motor Co. has stopped production on its Chinese-made Transit Classic diesel models – a full-sized commercial vehicle with a throttle pedal manufactured by the same company behind the Toyota recall. According to Ford, the vehicles began production in December and only about 1,600 vehicles have been produced. There have been no reported problems with the vehicle's accelerator, but the automaker wants to take a step back to ensure problems will not surface in the future. "That's part of our routine process – when a company has a recall, you conduct a review and determine if you share any of the same vendors, design, parts," according to Ford spokesman Said Deep.

The accelerators in question – subject to recall for sticking and causing unintended acceleration – are made by CTS Corp, based in Elkhart, Indiana. While CTS makes throttle pedal assemblies for other automakers, Toyota and Ford are the only companies thus far to announce production stoppages. Thanks for the tip Jarrett!

[Source: The Globe and Mail]

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