2009 Cadillac CTS-V – Click above for high-res image gallery

It's been nearly a year since a large number of Europeans have been able to drive home in a brand new Cadillac or Corvette. Up until March of 2009, Dutch-based firm Kroymans Import Europe was employed by General Motors as a third-party to distribute Caddys and Corvettes in nearly half of the 25 European markets (not including the U.K. or Russia). After that company went bankrupt, GM was forced to pull its wares out of these important markets.

In order to rectify that nasty little situation, GM has reportedly been in talks with 30 different dealerships all over Europe with the goal of bringing the Cadillac and Corvette lines back to the market. All variants of the Corvette will be made available, while the Cadillac lineup will consist of the CTS (sedan, coupe and wagon), CTS-V, Escalade and SRX. No details as of yet on what the cars will cost in Europe or when they'll officially be available for purchase.

[Source: Autohaus (translated) via The Truth About Cars]

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