Tron: Legacy Light Cycle – Click above for high-res image gallery

Being children of the '80s (by and large, some being a little more experienced than others, naturally), there were few things that lit a fire under our marathon Saturday afternoon television watching sprees than the movie Tron. Of course, much of that adoration had to do with the well-known but unfortunately short Light Cycle scene.

Due to this undeniable popularity, it's not surprising that all of the teasers and movie posters released for the new Tron: Legacy flick feature the rethought Light Cycles heavily... and we're certainly not complaining. These things are seriously cool. Unfortunately, Light Cycles don't exist outside the digital realm. Or do they?

Unveiled at the last Comic Con (how we missed it the first time around we don't know) was a life-sized representation of the Light Cycle 2.0. So far, we have no details on production plans or expected price. Just kidding... sadly. Click past the break to watch the most recent teaser video and check out the high-res image gallery below.

[Source: Wired | Images: lbshopgirlCC 2.0]

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