This doesn't end well - click above to watch the video

Oh dear. See that big bad truck up above? It's about to jump over some dirt. The landing is not going to go well. How not well? According to our sources you are looking at $350,000 worth of truck. We're not modified truck experts, but we'd be willing to guess that the truck is worth substantially less than $350,000 after said jump. Speaking of jumps, you should make our jump to watch the video and then read the world's quickest technical break down of exactly what went wrong. Tip of the desert flap hat to Brad!

If you're curious about what failed, we're pretty certain it's not the single bolt holding both of the gas-bypass shocks in place, as bolts generally hold everything on every car in place. If you look at the picture below, you can see that both shocks bolt up to a single tab that's welded to the axle at a rather precarious looking 90-degree angle. Once again, we're really 100% not shocked that this here truck ate dirt. For a great explanation of how Ford engineered the SVT Raptor's suspension not to break in half, check out this suspension walk around from Inside Line.

[Source: Great Lakes 4x4]

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