Hydrogen vehicles hold out a future hope where our cars, trucks and motorcycles won't be emitting harmful toxins and carbon dioxide from their tailpipes (and yes, we know generating the hydrogen fuel will mean emissions from other sources). But before any of us can trade in our fossil fuel-burner for a new hydrogen car, we need someplace convenient to refuel them.

There's already a small hydrogen infrastructure out in California, along with several smaller locations scattered across the United States, but a large-scale roll-out of hydrogen fueling stations has never really materialized. Connecticut-based SunHydro is setting out to change all that, though, with a new hydrogen highway that would stretch from Portland, Maine all the way to southern Florida.

Further adding to the eco-friendly nature of the project, each of the $3 million (privately funded, for what it's worth) stations would be run from solar power – similar in principle to how Honda's new hydrogen stations function. Each station would reportedly be capable of refilling 10 to 15 hydrogen-powered vehicles per day, but those figures would surely grow if a demand were found.

[Source: Wired]

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