You'd be forgiven for assuming Ford would be willing to let Mercury die a slow, drawn out death. In fact, it seems like that's what's taking place naturally, what with the stunning lack of interesting new product over the last few years decades. According to Ford head honcho Alan Mulally, though, that's not the plan, at least for now.

Speaking at the Washington Auto Show, Mulally reportedly said, "That's our plan – to continuously improve the Mercury and Lincoln brands," reiterating twice that this is the plan "right now." Some are taking this to mean that Mercury's future may actually be up in the air, seeing the phrase "right now" as Mulally's way of saying the plan could soon change.

In any case, Ford's stated goal with the Mercury brand's lineup continues to revolve around small, premium vehicles that aren't necessarily available in nearly identical across the aisle in the Ford dealership. Whatever happens, we're just hoping that Ford finds a place in its heart to keep Jill Wagner around as a spokesmodel.

[Source: Inside Line]

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