Car price guide Parker's has produced its latest depreciation lists for cars in the UK. It's probably of most use if you're shopping at the lower-priced end of the car spectrum, since a straight-up comparison would be pointless. Seven of the 10 cars with the least depreciation are Japanese, headed by the Honda Jazz, and all of them are small. Five of the 10 cars with the greatest depreciation, headed by the Maybach 57S, are English, and none of them are cheap.

Parker's doesn't break the list down into model trims, but the least expensive Honda Jazz on Honda's UK site goes for £11,058 on-the-road (OTR). With 10,000 miles on the odo it will lose £1,379 in value a year later, or 12.5 percent of its value. A Maybach 57S goes for £297,945 OTR, and Parker's says it drops by £127,526 a year later after 10K miles, or 43 percent. If, however, you've spent £400,000 on a car after adding special features, you probably have better things to think about than your fleet's depreciation.

At the other end of the least depreciating vehicles is the Mitsubishi i, which loses £2,271 after a year, a slightly whopping 25 percent. That is almost as bad as the Ferrari F430, which does the 'best' on the most depreciating list, losing 'just' £37,188, or 27 percent. Back to that Maybach 57S for a moment, though: a dealer in Surrey has a used one for sale, with 10,000 miles, for £249,990. Perhaps he doesn't read Parker's?

[Source: Parker's via Gizmag]

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