Well this is just too bad. As you may recall, Pickuptrucks.com was chatting with Tom Stephens, GM's vice chairman of global product operations, about GM's new heavy duty pickup trucks. Suddenly Stephens said something quite interesting:
"You know what I want to do to prove it? I want to take our truck and Ford's [new Super Duty] and chain them together back-to-back. Then I want to have them pull against each other. I know our truck will beat theirs."
How cool would that have been? Supremely cool. However, Ford chooses to think different. Via twitter, Ford was asked by a Pickuptrucks.com reader if they'd accept the challenge. Ford said, "We typically don't respond to challenges. We let the vehicles speak for themselves." Ford ended their statement with this link illustrating that the Ford F Series has been America's best selling vehicle for 33 years straight. As we used to say in 4th grade, "Oooh! Burned!"

Still, we would have really loved to watch a tug of war. Who would have won? Probably a Dodge. On a semi-related note, Pickuptrucks.com's Mike Levine was bragging via Facebook about the Ford SVT Raptor he's driving this week. We asked him if he would like to chain it to the 470-hp Jaguar XF Supercharged we're driving this week and have ourselves a little tug of war. Levine's response, "Only if we do it in mid-air." Touché.

[Source: Pickuptrucks.com]

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