We have an announcement to make: the Robot Apocalypse is not on its way. The Robot Apocalypse has officially begun. Toyota is working on a plethora of robots that will assist in caring for the elderly. Home health care is massively expensive and time consuming, and if the task were pawned off on taken over by robots, the "savings," as they're being called, would be huge.

Two of the robots in development can do things like play instruments and fetch things. One of the robots is a machine straight out of Aliens: a seat mounted on robotic legs and controlled by a joystick. It would allow the aged to go anywhere that robots can go... which is, really, anywhere. And once Toyota adds arms and battle axes, plus that dung-beetle-derived full-color night vision system, any elderly person able to move a joystick will immediately be the most powerful human alive. So we really might want to think about this...

The robots also have manufacturing uses, aided by Toyota's research into a wire-operation system to replace hydraulics and "adding limberness and speed to the motion." Toyota plans to have them working on the moon by 2020. Yes, the moon (from where they will launch their first attack in 2021). First the elderly. Then babies. Then... you. Human.

[Source Toyota via TG Daily]

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