This ended about how we predicted. You all no doubt remember McFly, the guy that won a legit eBay auction for a slightly used Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T for $16,125. Problem was that the seller – Glenn Hyundai of Lexington, KY – felt the car was worth more ($19,700) and refused to sell it to McFly. They claim they set a reserve price (even though they didn't) and wouldn't budge. End of story, kind of.

See, the internet got a hold of the McFly's tale of woe, and few things excite people (us included) more than tales of bald-faced greed mixed with dishonest car dealers. Not surprisingly, the story took off like wildfire and Glenn Hyundai soon found itself inundated with phone calls, emails, faxes – you name it. The onslaught became so bad that Glenn Hyundai got in touch with McFly and told him that if he would call off his dogs (remove his forum posts, plead with forum members to stop harassing the dealership, somehow get to do... exactly what we're not sure, etc.) they would presumably sell him a Genesis Coupe for $16,125.

Why do we say presumably? Because we never knew the details of the agreement McFly worked out with Glenn Hyundai. Or, as McFly puts it an updated post, "For the record I have not shared any part of the verbal agreement." Despite this agreement never being finalized, some felt that McFly's saga was over (while some nearly broke their hands patting themselves on the back). We ourselves were reluctant to think or declare anything until McFly had the Genesis Coupe in hand. Guess what?

No Genesis Coupe 2.0T for McFly. He's claiming that Glenn Hyundai has breached the "verbal agreement" he reached with them. He's refusing to give any details of said verbal agreement, but maintains that Glenn Hyundai owes him a Gen Coupe for $16,125. Also, McFly's retained a lawyer. Also-also, he's contacted Hyundai USA but received no response. We'll keep you updated. Thanks to Bora for the heads up!


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