We're not against a silly flash game that teaches us a fact or two about green cars or how to drive better, but one thing we do not need is a green car version of war/Top Trumps. But, this is what Green-Car-Guide.com has given us with the Green Car Game. If you want to learn, in detail and kind of randomly, what the CO2 emissions are for various vehicles offered for sale in the UK, the Green Car Game will allow you to do that. If you want "an innovative and engaging new way to raise awareness of the emissions and fuel economy of best-in-class green cars," as the press release describes the game, well, maybe you can get that in the game, too. We didn't.

Oh, here's a fun line: "And watch out for the 'jokers' in the pack, the electric cars!" No thanks.

[Source: Green-Car-Guide.com]


Green-Car-Guide Game launched

Green-Car-Guide.com, the UK's original green car news website, has launched the Green Car Game, an innovative and engaging new way to raise awareness of the emissions and fuel economy of best-in-class green cars.

The game is based on the content of the site's Green Car Guide, which is updated monthly and contains the lowest emission cars in ten different categories.

This new feature has been launched as Green-Car-Guide.com becomes part of RSK Group, the UK's largest independent multidisciplinary environmental consultancy and one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in Europe. Promote, the consultancy behind Green-Car-Guide.com, became part of RSK Group in 2008.

"The Green Car Game is designed to be a bit of fun, but also to be a more engaging way to raise awareness of the emissions of best-in-class green cars than current databases" said Paul Clarke, founder of Green-Car-Guide.com.

"Although there is an element of luck in the game, the more you know about class-leading green cars, the more chance you have of winning. The game also highlights interesting situations, such as when smaller cars aren't always the most efficient. And watch out for the 'jokers' in the pack, the electric cars!"

Both the site and the game will be developed further over the coming weeks and months now the site has become part of the RSK Group.

RSK Group provides consultancy services in the low carbon area, working with some of the world's largest brands to ensure that they are environmentally compliant, sustainable and prepared for the low carbon economy.

Green-Car-Guide.com team's already impressive environmental credentials will be enhanced further by access to RSK's 850-strong consultant knowledge base, which includes experts in such relevant fields as transport infrastructure and carbon management.

RSK Group chairman Dr Alan Ryder said: "As we have an impressive carbon management consultancy track record and are helping some of the world's biggest brands prepare for the low carbon economy, we felt our knowledge and resources could help this site become even bigger.

In the coming post-COP15 years, a new era of carbon constraint will force businesses and individuals to adapt and innovate. We believe www.Green-Car-Guide.com can be a useful, user-friendly tool in this respect by raising awareness and helping motorists choose cars with lower environmental impacts

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