Daimler's North American bus unit has received orders for nearly 100 more of its Orion VII transit buses powered by either new clean diesel engines or diesel-hybrid drivetrains. The bulk of the orders (91 buses) come from four transit agencies and are for the conventional clean-diesel models with the latest Bluetec after-treatment systems. The emissions controls consist of urea-injection catalytic reduction to cut NOx emissions and particulate filters to eliminate soot.

The remaining five orders were for Orion VII hybrids for the Ulster County Area Transit and Dutchess County Bus Systems in New York state. Ulster County already has two of the hybrids in its fleet and is adding three more.

Hybrid buses gained a lot of ground in North America over the past several years but economics likely played a big part in the small proportion among these new orders. Municipalities around the country have been particularly hard hit in the current recession and the significantly higher purchase cost of the hybrids tilted the deal, even though the advanced powertrain buses offer lower operating cost over the life of the vehicles.

[Source: Daimler]


Daimler Buses North America Sells Further 96 Orion VII Clean-Diesel and Hybrid Buses
Oriskany, USA,

Jan 22, 2010
  • Three transit agencies in New York State order a total of 92 Orion VII transit buses
  • University of Georgia orders four more Orion VII buses for Campus Transit System

Oriskany, USA – Daimler Buses North America (DBNA) has received orders for nearly 100 Orion VII clean-diesel and diesel-hybrid buses. Ninety-two of these buses were ordered by three transit agencies in New York State. In addition, the University of Georgia is purchasing four more Orion VII buses for its Campus Transit System, so that it will have a total of eight Orion VII clean-diesel buses in operation. The buses are manufactured in Oriskany, New York, and are set to be delivered in late summer and fall of 2010.

"The orders for clean-diesel and hybrid buses are extremely gratifying for Daimler Buses North America and show the confidence the transit market has in the Orion brand," said Patrick Scully, Chief Commercial Officer for DBNA. "They also help safeguard jobs at our production facility in Oriskany, with more than 600 employees."

Suffolk County Transit placed an order for 81 Orion VII clean-diesel transit buses. Suffolk County Transit currently operates the Orion V in its existing fleet, which it is now augmenting with Orion VII transit buses. Ulster County Area Transit (UCAT) has now ordered its fifth Orion VII diesel-electric hybrid bus. UCAT already had two of the buses in operation, and has now placed an order for three additional Orion VII hybrid buses as a result of its good experience with the vehicle. The Dutchess County Bus System has ordered four Orion VII clean-diesel transit buses and two Orion VII hybrid transit buses.

In addition to the transit agencies in New York State, the University of Georgia (UGA) is also putting its faith in Orion VII transit buses. The university has been operating four of these buses since 2008, and has now ordered four more. UGA operates the largest on-campus transit system in the U.S., transporting about 9.5 million students last year.

Daimler Buses North America, headquartered in Greensboro, N.C., is part of Daimler Buses and combines three bus brands under one corporate structure: Orion transit buses, Setra motorcoaches, and the Sprinter shuttle bus. Daimler Buses North America sold its 3,000th Orion VII diesel-electric hybrid bus last September. As a result, Daimler Buses has sold more hybrid buses than any other manufacturer in the world.

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