Barrett-Jackson 2010: The Blastolene Indy Special

Blastolene Indy Special - Click above for high-res image gallery

We said earlier that the Bonneville Boss Transporter with its Proud American land speed rocket was the most unique vehicle at the auction. Well...we might just have to take that back. Behold this "1952 Watson Roadster" (that's what it's registered as, at least) built by the Blastolene Brothers, better known as the Indy Special. You might remember some of the other Blastolene creations including Leno's tank car, the Hemi Trike, and Piss'd Off Pete.

The Indy Special is everything you'd expect from a Blastolene-built car. Like Leno's, it has a 1792ci M47 Patton tank engine, although naturally aspirated, producing 910 horsepower and 1500 lb-ft torque. At 270 inches long and a weight of 8400 lbs the sheer size is enough to impress just about anyone. Just about everything on the car being hand-built including the aluminum body, and we've heard it cost over $400,000 to make. That makes the final price of $280,500 actually seem reasonable.

Photos by Drew Phillips / Copyright ©2010 Weblogs, Inc.


When Street Rod builders Randy Grubb and Michael Leeds came across two M47 Patton Tank engines, they immediately bought them and began sketching ideas for cars to build around the massive engines. The 1792cid SOHC aluminum V-12 engine is air-cooled and fed by dual 2-barrel carburetors. Power output is estimated at 910hp and 1500lb-ft of torque. The massive powerplant is mated to an Allison 4-speed automatic transmission that was originally designed to handle the workload of a Greyhound bus. The first Blastolene Special was finished in 2002 and then quickly sold to Jay Leno. This is the second and only other tank powered car built by the artists at Blastolene. The hand-built aluminum body was formed in the spirit of the shark-nosed Watson Roadsters that were very successful at Indy in the '50s and '60s, but nearly twice the size. With a 160" wheelbase and an overall length of 270", it's no wonder that this creation weighs in at 8,400lbs. This wonderful piece of automotive art is very capable on the open road and is a thrill to drive. **TITLED AS A 1952 UUU WATSON ROADSTER**

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