At least now we know he'll have no excuses: Michael Schumacher says his neck is completely healed after last year's motorcycle incident, and he feels "extremely fresh and fit." The three-year sabbatical he's had since retiring at the end of 2006 has recharged his batteries and his competitive fire.

Interestingly, though, he says the last two years in the sport – the two years in a row he lost the title to Fernando Alonso – were even more demanding on him because of "living under constant observation," and he was glad to get out. But the pressure is already all on him and the season is still six weeks away. He has stated he wants both Championships, and team principal Ross Brawn said he'd put his money on Schumacher. Apparently, however, he'll need teammate Nico Rosberg's car number in order to do that...

[Source: Autocar | Image: Malcolm Griffiths/GP2 Media]

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