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Last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show, quirky French automaker Citroën showed off its Revolte concept, and most weren't quite sure to make of it. At the time, pretty much all we knew about it was that it used a "small-capacity conventional combustion engine combined with an electric motor and a battery re-charging function." Not much to go off, that, though Citroën does state that the car is able to power itself using electricity only, making it a full hybrid design.

Autocar managed to get a hold of Citroën's concept design boss Carlo Bonzanigo, and he shared some more detail on the concept car's divisive styling, but sadly, very little on its powertrain or its chances for production. Bonzanigo describes the Revolte as a "feminine" car, saying that its design would likely be altered to appeal to both sexes more equally should it ever go into production. In any case, we're not holding our breath.

[Source Autocar]

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