Marussia's Ode to Joy – Click above to watch the video after the break

We've been smiling for the past 30 minutes, watching this video over and over again. Y'all remember Marussia? We got a nice, upclose look at both the Russian made B1 and B2 at last year's Frankfurt Motor Show. While they looked generally okay (minus some detailing on the B2, like hinge-dents in the sheet metal and lousy-looking reflectors), we were pretty much convinced that they'd never actually move under their own power. Imagine our surprise when we watched this here video showing a B2 supercar and no less than three B1 hybrids driving around a snowy track. They look real good.

But that's not why you should watch the video. Normally when we post car-themed videos, we do so with the following caveat: turn your speakers off. Not so here. In fact, blast this video. Blast it through a pair of McIntosh Mono Blocks hooked into some 15-inch Cerwin Vegas. Without giving too much away, you're about to be treated to a whole host of classic classical music done DJ Z Trip-style.

That's cool, for certain, but the spice that holds it all together is the crazy budget Casio keyboard kick drum and hand clap patch that runs throughout the song. Seriously, it's amazing. Here's what head-cheese-in-chief John Neff had to say after just one listen, "OK, I'm finding this song online somewhere and adding it to my iPod. This is like the best driving song of all time." Also, El Jefe Neff suggested it might be fun to list as many songs as possible that you can recognize in the comments. Or not. So, go ahead and jump to watch the video, but more importantly listen to it.

[Source: YouTube via WebRidesTV]

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