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Rumors that the 2013 Mitsubishi Evolution XI will come with a hybrid powertrain aren't new. In fact, we first heard such rumblings way back in October of 2009 when the Japanese automaker unleashed its PX-MiEV concept (which is also rumored to have received the green light for production using the same platform as the Evo) at the Tokyo Motor Show. But Motor Trend has a few more intriguing details to share, starting with the fact that it will boast a plug and a short-distance EV mode that won't activate the gasoline-fueled engine.

If MT is correct, a powerful electric motor would drive the front wheels of the Evo XI, drawing power from a lithium ion battery pack, while the (presumably turbocharged but possibly normally aspirated) 2.0-liter engine would drive the rear wheels only when necessary. The two combined powerplants could theoretically put out as much as 350 horsepower (or more, depending on final specifications) to all four wheels, catapulting the car from 0 to 60 in just 4.5 seconds.

Finally, the Evo would reportedly be blessed with the Active Steering and Roll Control Suspension that Mitsubishi has been working on getting into production since 2006, as well as a new electronically-controlled Active Yaw Control system for the engine-driven rear wheels. Sounds like a lot of technology... which could potentially equal lots of weight and a hefty sticker price. Stay tuned. Thanks for the tip, Jim!

[Source: Motor Trend]

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