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Remember the nameless Chrysler Lancia (pictured above) from last week's Detroit Show? According to a report from Autocar, there's a good chance that the vehicle (a reskinned Delta) is more than just an exercise in filling up space in Cobo Hall. Fiat's boss Sergio Marchionne is saying that Chrysler could be fully merged with Fiat by the end of the year.

Why would Mr. Marchionne merge two such seemingly distinct and storied brands into one? Because they fill holes in each others' lineups. "In Europe, Lancia is an undersized, underdeveloped brand, with nothing bigger than the Delta. Chrysler, which has a true global reach, has nothing smaller. Put them together and you have a full line-up," said the boss.

As for last week's Pentastar badged Lancia Delta, it could happen... maybe. "The rebadged Delta could quite possibly make a Chrysler vehicle," explained Marchionne, who went on to explain that a Chrysler'd Delta would not conflict with Lancia. Why? Fiat won't be selling any Lanica-badged Lancias in the United States. If that's the case, the merger would be similar to how Renault-Nissan does business, and hopefully not as... how to put this... plain rotten as DaimlerChrysler turned out.

[Source: Autocar]

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