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Motus Motorcycles, a new startup motorcycle manufacturer based here in the United States, has some grand plans to change the perception – right or wrong – that American motorcycles are slow, rumbly, V-twin powered behemoths. Motus' first salvo will be a new sport touring motorcycle called the MTS-01, which will be powered by an all-American V4 engine that's capped off by gasoline direct injection technology for improved performance and cleaner emissions. Those are important considerations for a motorcycle that's expected to chew up thousands of miles per year.

Much of the architecture of that powerplant will be instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with the classic American V8, which comes as little surprise given that Katech, a Michigan-based firm that supplies engines to General Motors and its Pratt and Miller Corvette racers, designed and engineered the cam-in-block (pushrods instead of overhead cams), two valve per cylinder, 1650cc engine. The unique powerplant is expected to put out around 140 horsepower and possibly as much as 120 pound-feet of torque. We look forward to finding out more on Motus' new powerplant and motorcycle in the coming months.

[Source: The Kneeslider]

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