2011 Honda CR-Z – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Honda is going right ahead and pushing the joy of driving meme for the new CR-Z, which is scheduled to arrive this summer. In a new promotional video by the automaker, some of the engineers who worked on the car talk about the CR-Z's development and how they expect the hybrid will be received. The video is entirely in Japanese, but there are helpful English text sections to let us know, for example, that CR-Z project leader Norio Tomobe, said:
We carried out extensive research on our potential customers and we believe that these customers feel proud of possessing a car with values you can talk about with others. We believe that these values come from the design, from the [Integrated Motor Assist] hybrid technology and from the performance itself.
The video tells us that the CR-Z was tested extensively in Europe, and that it uses the base frame from the Insight, a decision that gave the engineers a good idea of how the new hybrid hatchback would handle. We're excited to feel it perform in real life, and think the video would be more impressive if the CR-Z were, um, driving more, you know? You can watch it for yourself after the jump.

[Source: Honda]


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