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So we found this new website after our trip to the D for the 2010 Detroit Auto Show called Do You Come with the Car? It's written by an anonymous auto show model who, as we speak, is likely standing on a platform in Cobo Hall fielding that very same question from some old guy who thinks he's funny. We've always been fascinated by this trade, so her insights into the inner workings of the auto show model profession, particularly while the Detroit show is open to the public, are interesting, at least to us.

Her latest blog post illustrates just one of the many frustrations with which auto show models have to do deal on a daily basis. A reporter from FOX Toledo roped a Chrysler model named Lauren into an on-camera interview – you may remember her from our gallery – and then uses the occasion to ask such probing questions as "Is that comfortable?" (referring to her metallic mini-dress) and remarking "I hope you can't read what my eyes are saying." Top notch reporting, creepy dude. He increases his creepiness quotient to skin crawling levels by closing the interview with a come on in his final question. Being the savvy, street smart girl we assume her to be, Lauren gives him the cold (bare) shoulder and walks away.

We're no strangers to accusations of sexism and exploitation when we publish galleries of these models after an auto show, but we very much respect them and what they do. Having been trained to speak knowledgeably about whatever vehicle they're showcasing, they probably know more about the car than most of us. Hopefully that respect comes across when we're taking their picture (we usually ask permission first unless the model is posing for a crowd of photogs) and to everyone else when we publish those galleries. We'd certainly hate to be lumped into the same class as this guy. Follow the jump to watch him go down in flames.

UPDATE: Whoever uploaded the video to YouTube has yanked it. We searched for another copy online, but no luck so far. Sorry!

Though the video has been yanked, the reporter in question has published his side of the story on the internet, which you can read here . Long story short, the model, Lauren, was in on it the whole time. He further adds that one intention behind the staged interview was to "draw attention to the kind of environment these professionals deal [with] all the time."

[Source: Do You Come with the Car?]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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