Three months ago, Chrysler – under the control of Italian automaker Fiat after going through bankruptcy proceedings in the United States – unveiled a sweeping five-year business plan that would either replace or comprehensively rework every single product in the Pentastar's lineup. Included amongst the casualties will be the Jeep Patriot and Compass twins at the end of 2012.

Industry analysts have widely speculated that America would get a version of the Fiat Panda wearing the famous seven-slot Jeep grille. That vehicle would occupy the small end of the market, meaning that Jeep would need something to fall size-wise between it and the larger Grand Cherokee.

According to Autocar, Jeep will get another new CUV using an as-yet-unknown nameplate (Liberty?) that would be based on the Fiat's C-EVO platform – which will also be used for a number of Chrysler's midsize sedans and crossovers. We would imagine that the Jeep version would get suitably capable off-road equipment, but that remains to be seen.

[Source: Autocar]

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