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When you're driving a Ferrari, you'd better keep your eyes open. When you're buying one, you might want to avert your eyes lest they start watering. Because you know it's going to be a big bill. Just how big is a matter of details, and new reports from the glossies in the UK give us exactly that.

For the British market, the new Ferrari 458 Italia will sell for a whopping £169,545, or the equivalent of about $277,000 by today's conversion rates. A quick look at the outgoing prices reveals a whopping increase over the $199,000 MSRP for a 2009 F430, but a touch less than the $282k commanded by the 430 Scuderia (whose performance the new 458 eclipses and, it could be argued, effectively replaces). It's also worth noting that the figures are a fair bit higher than those suggested in the alleged leaked price sheet from back in October.

Of course pricing for new vehicles around the world isn't based on current exchange rates, but rather on local market considerations, so until U.S. pricing is announced, it's more relevant to look at relative prices in the UK itself. The £169k 458 Italia is over £40k (~$65k) more than the £128k F430, but a couple grand less than the £171k Scuderia. The California, in case you were wondering, lists at £143,325 on the 2010 UK price sheet (which includes all Her Majesty's tea party taxes) – but we're still supposed to believe the Cali's not the "baby Ferrari" we all predicted it would be.

If you're eyes aren't done watering yet, the price for a new 458 only continues to rise from there, with options like LEDs on the steering wheel at £2,794 ($4,563) Alcantara trim for the trunk at £1,445 ($2,360), electric seats at £2,120 ($3,462) and – wait for it – a £1,156 ($1,888) spare wheel.

[Source: Evo]

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