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Bank of America refusing to give loans for Saabs?

Saab floats along in limbo as General Motors figures out what to do with its Swedish plum, meaning that dealers are stuck with moribund product to try and unload. It's as nasty as it sounds for the automaker, but for buyers, it means deals on Saabs like never before.

Being a premium segment brand, you'll get a lot for your money buying a considerably discounted Saab. If you're like most new car buyers, though, you'll still have to borrow the money. Good luck with that if your institution is Bank of America and you're set on a Crazy Eddie priced 9-5. Right there in its eligibility requirements for auto loans, B of A spells out "no Isuzu or Saab vehicles." Being paired with a dead Japanese brand? Just another indignity for the Trolls in Trollhättan.

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