We, along with the rest of you, have been led to believe that the roll-out of the all-electric Nissan Leaf would begin happening sometime this fall with places such as San Diego, CA, Seattle, WA and Tennessee first in line to fill some of the expected 20,000 orders from customers. Apparently that information is wrong. Instead, the emissions-free sedan with room for five will actually debut this very spring in Conyers, Georgia. Huh? How can this be? Even we extremely esteemed journalists writers haven't had a chance to take the wheel of an actual production version of the Leaf and yet they'll be rolling out of dealership doors in a few short months?

Well, no. Sorry. Not going to happen. Yes, we know it says "in stock Spring of 2010" in plain English on the dealer-in-question's website but you can't believe everything you read on the Interwebs (trust us on this). Although we couldn't get a human on the phone to explain what's going on here we suspect it's just a simple misunderstanding. Either it's a typo and should read "Spring of 2011" or, more likely, they meant to convey that they will be accepting pre-orders this spring. Either way, the closest most are likely to get to this new generation example of lithium electric is to catch it live somewhere on its North American tour or via a hi-res gallery like the one below.

[Source: Conyers Nissan via Tesla Motors Club]

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