Lexus brings IS F Circuit Club Sports Concept to TAS

The Lexus IS F is a curious car. 416 bristling horsepower, one of the world's sweetest-sounding engines and an 8-speed flappy-paddle 'box that shifts faster than you blink are all excellent. However, it looks a little odd, has funny tailpipes and weighs too much. That last little bit - the IS F's big bones - turn a really great road car into something of a pig on the track. We know this because we drove an IS F at Laguna Seca.

Seeking to rectify this a bit, while also fulfilling Mr. Toyoda's corporate sportiness maxim, Lexus brought the IS F Circuit Club Sports (CCS) Concept to the Tokyo Auto Salon (Japan's version of SEMA). What turns an IS F into an IS F CCS? We're glad you asked. Short answer: carbon fiber, and plenty of it. The hood, roof, trunk, front winglets, door sills and rear extractor are all made from lightweight, unpainted carbon fiber. Can't forget about the wing - it's also CF.

Lexus saw fit to upgrade the power a bit, too. The engine is untweaked, but a new exhaust system reportedly adds a dozen ponies, raising the 5.0-liter V8's output to 428. It's hard to say for certain from just the photos, but those brakes also appear to be carbon ceramic, too. All in all, the mods probably save around 125 pounds. That'll certainly help out on the track, though an additional 125 lbs. on top of that would be even better. Also, the odds of the IS F CCS making it to a Lexus dealer near you are zero.

[Source: Le Blog Auto]

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